Explosive Rucki interview adds a new wrinkle to story by Michael Volpe

A previously unreleased police interview with Samantha Rucki raises further questions about whether her mother, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, received a fair trial…
Grazzini-Rucki put on an affirmative defense, meaning that she argued that the reasons for her actions outweighed any allegedly criminal acts she committed. She stated that she genuinely feared for the safety of her daughters and that her actions were an effort to protect them from an unsafe situation.

This police interview with Samantha Rucki appears to validate this fear.

Explosive Rucki police interview adds new wrinkle to story by Michael Volpe


Public Domain: https://pixabay.com


3 thoughts on “Explosive Rucki interview adds a new wrinkle to story by Michael Volpe

  1. What does the state of Minnesota want. Dave Rucki to murder one of those children or one of us in the public? What is going on with Dakota County or worse yet the State. We a paying taxpayers and concered parents of our own children, We want Dave Rucki in prison now for Abuse. Stop this insanity against this mother she has done nothing but protect her children from this mentally sick disgusting person that calls himself a”father”. I blame the. State !


  2. Look into Dave Rucki”s family he is a pathetic excuse we all know but his parents Fred and Victoria are as wacked out as him.The apple didnt fall far from the tree. I wish James Backstrom would wake up he has always been a joke but now his constituents are fueling up because of his intent to crucify a women who did nothing but protect her children from a crimmnal who belonged in prison along time ago. Dave you keep paying off your judges and politicians your day is coming and so is theres we the residents have had enough of you and your crap. Move ,leave your not wanted here go dig a hole and crawl in it and take judge knutson with you!


  3. Thr problems with Dave Rucki should be blamed not only with Dakota County i live there they are corrupt and have let this man walk free for years. We need to raise hell at the capital the Governor, legislators,senators they all know about Rucki and they have let Dakota run rough shot over them for years. We start demanding they stop this witchhunt agaisnt this mother and her children and put Rucki and all his people he used to create this travesty in jail. Im embarrassed to have helped vote people to office in this state. That have allowed this to have happened to these poor children and there mom.


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