Letter in Support of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki: “The injustice and tyranny in your Family Court has gone viral across the country and around the globe”

A letter in support of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, sent as part of the campaign initiated by J.A.M.

Learn More On How You Can Help Here,with Tips in How to Write Your Own Letter: A Call to Action: You Can Help Sandra Grazzini-Rucki Fight for Justice

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like an explanation as to how you can justify the vicious, vindictive actions you have taken against Sandra Grazzini Rucki??

From the very onset of the record anyone of sound mind can see that Judge Knutson’s mental capacity certainly needs to be called in to question. For it defies logic, that this professed legal scholar would award David Rucki the four homes and nine vehicles and leave Sandra homeless and with no vehicle.

How can there be two existing orders in place that contradict each other, one states Sandra can not leave the State, another says she can not remain in the State but has to adhere to all the State Courts Orders.

How can a Judge order 100% of her income to go to her ex-husband ??

How can you all sit idly by and watch this proliferation of abuse being delivered upon Sandra and not speak out against it?

The injustice and tyranny in your Family Court has gone viral across the country and around the globe.

I am an activist in dozens of parents and children’s rights groups with hundreds of thousands of members. I also have many relatives and friends all over Europe and I am asking each and everyone I know to expose the dirty laundry that is so blatantly permitted by your Family Court and your judges.

Shame on anyone who is responsible for allowing a helpless mother and her children to suffer such atrocities all for profit.

(Anon, New York)



4 thoughts on “Letter in Support of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki: “The injustice and tyranny in your Family Court has gone viral across the country and around the globe”

  1. @justice4grazziniruckifamily Please, for Jesus’ sake, i may not agree with your complete bs allegations on the “Abuse” that may have taken place in that house however the alleged breaking down of mentality “Similar to methods used in POW war camps” Im sorry but you know a place where America keeps POW’s? Its a little slice of hell for the scum that are unfortunate enough to end up in our hands, where we deprive them of sleep, activities, human contact that they have are their interrogators, we destroy their sense of being, for information, hell i wouldn’t be surprised if we still water board people, and probably threaten them with the well being of their families. And I’m sorry that I must be the one to slam the SJW out of you. By the way if the first page on your web page is your argument, and that argument entails abuse, for gods sake, PLEASE show examples with it, it just completely makes your argument obsolete, secondly whether or not YOU like it, take a look at the fact that POLICE who look for Missing persons were involved working for many days, if you include the time and money WASTED on the investigations done with the local governments money, so please, develop your argument fully, or would it not make sense for your cause, the way you look at it, if Sandra had helped her children back and had not hid them, time and money and worry would have been saved, however there was a wild expensive goose chase, at the GOVERNMENTS expense, the way you look at it what matters here is the facts, the PROVEN facts, the POLICE had not found evidence of abuse from David, its natural for a father to keep a look out for potentially what could be someone who would fornicate with one of his daughters, its what parents do. These are the facts. Might I add, Facts don’t care about your feelings


    • There is overwhelming evidence that David Rucki has a lengthy history of violent behavior, directed towards ex-wife Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, his children, other family members as well as people in the community – all of which has been, and will continue to be, documented on the Justice blog. Journalist Michael Volpe, as well as numerous bloggers and talk radio hosts have also covered the Grazzini-Rucki case, and investigated and reported on the abuse that has occurred.

      As far as reunification therapy and deprogramming – the abuses that occur to children as a result of this controversial “treatment” has been widely reported on, with children themselves coming forward with horrific stories. Runaway teens S.R. and G.R. have stated to a Dakota County Social Worker (who believed that abuse did occur and thought they should be protected from their father) that they were not brainwashed by their mother, Sandra, and they felt the court had ignored their cries for help when they spoke out about abuse. Both S.R. and G.R. willingly agreed to attend therapy, their only request was to be kept safe from father, David Rucki, and remain in foster care — all documented in social service and court records from November 2015.

      Some of the stories from children subjected to reunification therapy can be read here: http://www.savingdamon.com/deprogramming-camps.html

      As far as POW camps, the Leadership Council has extensively researched reunification therapy and it’s effects on children, and states: “This so-called “therapy” is reminiscent of the kind of brainwashing techniques used in prison camps where deprivation and isolation are used to coerce false confessions and to force ideological changes in captives. While these techniques can produce changes in belief and in behavior, we are concerned that these techniques are harmful to the mental health of children…”

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