Quote: Judicial Immunity Should Not Be Used to Violate Law, Civil and Constitutional Rights


A quote about judicial immunity from attorney Michelle MacDonald: “I expect all judges to take the privilege of judicial immunity for suit seriously, rather than see immunity as permission to violate the law and civil and constitutional rights of our citizens, or their lawyers..



Family Court Legalized Stealing of Children (Supporter Comments)

H.T., a supporter, left the following comment….






Unfortunately, Children in this Country represent a “Commodity”

that people can make money from…

Such as CPS,

your Ex-husband,

your Ex-boyfriend,

Disordered relatives,

even private individuals

that target your children…

They can ALL USE the “Family Court”

to Legally seize your child or children.” 

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Reader Comment: “The System is Hurting the Children…and Should Be Held Accountable”


This comment was left on our blog by a mother named Jessica who is involved in family court  proceedings in Florida.

Jessica read our blog, and felt a similar injustice as to what Sandra Grazzini-Rucki has experienced dealing with the family court system, and felt a similar pain, from being estranged from children as a result of an unjust court order. 

Family Court failures (bias, failure to recognize abuse, lack of training, corruption, malicious prosecution, violations of state and constitutional laws etc) are happening in every state of the U.S., and internationally – this is a pandemic crisis. As a result, the Court’s actions and rulings often endanger children, and punish parents who raise concerns about abuse or other safety concerns. Generations of children have been traumatized, abused, and hurt in the worst possible way. Children are being wrongfully taken from fit, loving parents – and robbed of the love and care that parent could provide, as well as being robbed of their cultural, religious and familial heritage. How is this in the “best interest” of children? 

We are posting the comment, and this picture quote, to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of systemic failures in family court, and to give voice to parents whose children have been unjustly taken from them.

Jessica says: The system does not care. I’m going through the same thing in Florida.

I have never been in trouble and have raised my children alone, because the father was not around for 5 years. I worked full time to provide for my family. He did not pay child support and owes $80,000 in arrears.  The children have never been abused in my care and wanted for nothing.

Yet their father with a history of violence, criminal history (including spending 2 years in jail), Baker Acts (involuntary commitment for mental health emergencies) and injunctions is handed the children and I’m left with barely seeing them.

The judge refuses to hear or see any evidence from our side.

The system is hurting the children just as much as the abuser.

And they should be held accountable.